1Zumba Delight

Our new friends from the US, Denmark, Canada, UK, Italy, Argentina, Sweden, South Africa, France, and India, we welcome all of you always  🙂

Ha ha ha! Have you ever waken up in the morning laughing or smiling @ something in your dreams? It’s sensational to have this incredible feeling…..

Relax and take a deep breath my dear self. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. The unknown will be always there as  part of our lives. No matter how hard we try to figure out what is going on around us, it seems to be a mystery!

Right? Absolutely yes. So let’s embrace what we have today; or more specifically what we have right now, coz we don’t know if we are going to have it later on or not. Nothing ever can guarantee one simple moment in your life. The trick is that when you are in a moment, if you didn’t catch it; you’d miss it coz it would never come back again, ever! It comes once, and then other moments would come. They may be similar but they are never the same.
This is life and we have to embrace it. Instead of fighting it, just let it be enjoyable, my friend, as much as you can. Things that would bother you, never take it personal. The reason I am saying this is that little people like us are under a lot of pressure; each one of us is fighting her/his own battles.

I see that it is better option for us, to forgive, to turn the anger energy into something productive for us. For sure, I know that this is not easy. Not at all. It’s harder than being angry as an instant response. A tough day is something normal, can happen to anyone, and your best option is to vent it out in Zumba, or physical fitness.

Be smart, train your mind, train yourself to be the neutral personality, do not let anything push you in any specific direction. Let nothing draft you in its way. Live fully your life. It should be something sacred for you to do. We only have ONE life. Remember this, and remind your kids too, and when you do this, you would feel how you can enjoy yourself more. You will be fun. People will love your company. Appreciate life, and start Zumba.


Everyone around you would respect you more, and love your company more. Stop being headache complaining about  everything around you, creating problems here and there. Handle matters maturely, and Zumba for God’s sake. Have a nice habit in your life for a change. Protect your assets, yourself.

Set preferences clearly for yourself and for everybody else, feel love for everyone around you. Some keep fighting all their lives, and end up in a second, and no-one will ever remember them.

We are humans; but why can’t we try to act nicely to each other, and feel good about ourselves, and about everybody else. Where is love? compassion? humor? human fun spirit? Who want us to live in war or fear? Is it media? is it someone who want to sell more ammunition and guns? Whar’s it? Forget about it, it’s just life distractions. Be not dragged into illusions that will suck life out of you.

Focus on your health, your well-being, your love for others, and your life. Go to Zumba classes everyday you can. Enjoy yourself having Zumba delight  😉


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