1Zumba Denmark!

Thanks to our new friends readers from the US, Luxembourg, South Korea, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, and Denmark!

Irina, a very active 1Zumba instructor in Denmark. We invited her to join our blog, and she was so enthusiastic about it. mark1Straightforward she provided her availability time, and she emailed us on time, all the materials we asked from her.
From the way we communicated with her, we were able to see how committed and serious she was about 1Zumba. We like to thank her for that zeal, and we wish her all the best. ūüėČ
1- How long have you been teaching Zumba?
    I teach Zumba for over 4 years 
2- Why Zumba? What did you do before being a Zumba Instructor?
   i am also educated in other formats end Zumba and i wanted  something that was also fitness and not only dance
3- Do you  have a dance element and a fitness element equally  in your class?
    i follow the Zumba formula 
4- What keeps you going on with your classes?
    the joy in peoples faces and how theyr lifes change
PicMonkey Collage
5- What seems to be difficult for your  students?
 it is dificould to start 
6- What attracts your students more? Why?
i asked that to my students why my classes the answer was ” the choise of music , my energy and my carisma “
7- What  range of ages do you have in your classes?
in regular i have between 16 op to 60 in gold i have from 2 op to 85 
8- What difficulties do you have being a Zumba instructor?
    sometimes geting stuk and neading a boost 
9- Which Zumba do you prefer? Why?
    Zumba gold , because is a chalange 
mark210-How many Zumba classes do you teach per week?
11-How many studios or health centers, or others do you work with?
     i work for the bigets fitness chain in danmark . fitness world 
12- Is it a rewarding career? How?
     yes it is . i change peoples lifes i make them happy how meny people kan say that ?
mark13- Do you introduce the steps to your students?
 i dont show the steps before the song . i introduce some steps in the warm op , and i always show some beats of the song i show the step in half beat 
14- What do you least enjoy about Zumba? Why?
¬†i dont like the divas , and the ego ūüė¶

15- How do you keep things interesting for your students?
i am always doing new things i am VERY activ incide the zin comunity and special z gold comunity , i do theame classes, i always heve new songs , i talk to the students i became theyr friend 

This is how one of the most famous 1Zumba instructors in Denmark wrote to us about her 1Zumba classes and her 1Zumba experiences. Wow! So fabulous to have such a positive energy, 1Zumba Denmark.

Until we meet again with our next guest, pls accept our best wishes for all of you. ūüėČ

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