1Zumba Shark

perlZumba co-founder Alberto Perlman explains the process he and his co-founders went through to name Zumba, and why he thinks good business names are crucial.

“There’s a big difference between being an entrepreneur and being a leader,” Zumba Co-founder Alberto Perlman says. As his dance-fitness company, Zumba, grew from seven to more than 200 employees after its founding in 2001, he quickly had to learn how to lead. It’s something he’s still working on, he admits.

da“One of the things that’s very hard for us is letting go and hiring people to do things that we used to before — and hiring people hopefully that can do it better than us,” he explains. “Instead of being a micromanager, just letting them go.”

On the other hand, Perlman doesn’t want to be completely hands-off, even with the company’s extended network of thousands of certified instructors that teach Zumba dancing to more than 15 million people in about 180 countries.

“We’ll go and take calls, and we’ll try to stay connected so we can understand what’s going on,” Perlman says. “We talk to instructors all of the time, hear their stories. Try to leverage best practices so we can teach it to other instructors.” He emphasized that it’s important to maintain a connection with everyone who represents your brand.

Virtual Reality demos is introduced by Zumba brand in order to occupy a new market spot, this is how this giant company is trying to market itself, which is an ambitious and smart vision. [Fortune Magazine source]

NPR published a quite interesting informative article about Zumba Business, in which there was some argument about whether Zumba is Latin dancing in origin or not. What do you think? Do you agree with the Zumba Shark?

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