1Zumba, Party Salad!

Dear readers from everywhere, especially from the US, France, Canada, India, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, & Chile 😉

This is what my daughter prepared for me the day before yesterday for a quick meal. She told me that she was happy that she was at last able to choose a meal for me. I guess, I never gave her a chance to do that before. Oh! I feel embarrassed not to give her any opportunity like that one 😳

The reason I felt a bit guilty was that I thought that I was raising her up very independent, which meant to me that she could offer to choose any sort of meals for me if she wanted to; but apparently there was something missing there. So let me try to catch up with whatever was pending 😀

Latest-Trendy-Teenager-Messy-Boys-Long-Short-Hairstyles-Fashion-2013-: The other day when I was in the hair salon, I watched a mother who insisted on having a certain hair cut for her boy, who was between 17-19 yrs old; and I felt that that was weird. I never interfered in the way my kids wanted their hair look like, unless I was asked to.

So which one is better: to let our kids have a chance to choose their own personal things, such as a hair cut, or to dictate everything on them, and they have to obey?

It’s not such a big deal, but I feel, as a mother, it’s good to support my kids in whatever they want to do, to discuss things with them, to argue when it is a major decision if needed, to answer their questions to give them guidance until they reach the age when they should be totally independent (although nothing is called totally).

Anyway, I loved the design of the bag, and the colors chosen for it. Let me tell you what I found inside. There was the Spinach, of course, and three smaller bags with the Spinach; one for the Feta cheese, one for the sunflower seeds with dried small raspberry, and the last one had some kind of dark dressing, which I didn’t like a lot.

Oh! I forgot that she added fish sautée to the salad too, to add protein to the meal.

I’m not that much believer in Organic food, my 1Zumba friend,  I must tell you. I have my doubts about its processing, and accuracy. Being raised up with the belief, if I didn’t see it, I didn’t believe it, kind of attitude, it’s hard for me not to have a critical mind.

Here’s how the plate looked like when it is served, to me for sure, haha 😆

I love you all!  You want to chat some more?  Sure, I’ll be back in few moments. Until then, here’s my kisses ❤ 😳




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