One 4 The Road, 1Zumba!

Good Morning America! 😉

With our special greetings to our current and new readers from the US, Russia, India, China, Saudi Arabia, the US, Norway, & Spain 😉

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1-Z poem

Here’s what came to me, after editing the draft few times, and I hope it would mean something beautiful for any of you 😆

I’ve been through a lot of pain,

                  learning to adapt or train.

It was a shift or alter to my brain,

                  possibly was for the sake of gain.

Now, I’m watching closely if any,

                 of the real me remain.

Is this me?! Or, was it just, somehow insane!

Thank you for being here with me, in this post today. I know it’s short, but it was meant to be One for the road, my dear 1Zumba friend 😉


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