Berkeley Tunnels!

Your mother’s advice is the most worthy one! 😉

Have you ever been to Berkeley, CA? Of course. You must have driven through its famous tunnel many times. 

The Caldecott Tunnel is an east–west highway tunnel through the Berkeley Hills between Oakland and Orinda, California. Its four bores carry California State Route 24.

Caldecott Tunnel bore re-opens after car collision, fire

Accidents happened b/c of the poor light system there. On one side there is no lights at all while the other side has faint ones. 

It is extremely dark even if you use your high beam of your vehicle. The other side which goes into Berkeley has strong lights than the other side.

It’s really shouting out loud for repair and maintenance. You hope that someone could see it and do somethings soon about it to save lives.

PHOTOS: Caldecott Tunnel eastbound bore evacuated due to car fire - ABC7  San Francisco

Car Fire in Caldecott Tunnel | Danville, CA Patch

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