1Zumba Lower Back!

We are back with you again. Thank you everyone for visiting our pages; especially from the US, Russia, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Norway, & Spain 😉

Only last week this device released in the market.

Oh, dear 1Zumba friend, Harry, thank you for your patience. I know you wanted a fast answer, and topics just kept coming as urgently required.

Anyway, answering your questions about the nature of the ideal teacher, I would say that the first characteristic that I would expect in a teacher is honesty. This should be the basic trait of a good  example teacher.

All other qualities come after that. These may include energetic, engaging, clear about the objectives of his lessons/lectures, management skills, communicating well with students and their parents, diplomatic with discipline, with high standards in teaching methods, acknowledged, flexible, and most importantly patient and passionate about teaching. 

On the bottom of our post, you would find an additional list of resources to further answer the rest of your inquiries. I hope it would help you achieve what you are after 🙂

1Z-bpNow about that new device we promised you to talk about two days ago. It’s a brand new device that can be used at home, and it is used for the back pain basically. It’s amazing to have at last something to use at home for the treatment of all that ugly pain. which sometimes keep you awake the whole night.

Backlife operates on the familiar principle of CPM
(Continuous Passive Movement), which is a method of treatment performed while the patient is in a state of total relaxation.
Backlife is the first home based device to apply the CPM technique for the treatment of lower back pain.

The device performs a gentle and repeated circular motion, which moves the vertebrae of the lower back and the pelvic area.


What does CPM movement achieve?

  •  It reduces the natural aversion to movement of the painful pelvic area that is usually experienced by patients.
  •  It gently releases intervertebral pressure and increases the space between vertebrae.
  •  It levels the hip arch (straightens the curvature of the lower back).
  •  It increases metabolism in the area and enhances blood flow.
  •  It enables the passage of oxygen and nutritional material while speeding up the disposal of waste products.
  •  It releases endorphins (natural painkillers released by the body) that assist in reducing tension and relaxing muscles, and provide a sense of relief.
  •  It soothes the patient and relaxes muscles.

Why is it effective? What are the results?
Can anyone use the Backlife?

I am certain that you have thousands of questions about this new device, so why don’t you click here, to get all your answers.

My dear friends, we will continue our chat in a little bit. Until then, here’s my kisses & hugs ❤


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