Upper-Back Pain Solution!

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Sometimes, you try many methods to deal with a certain pain that you have in your body, and literally nothing works.

That was the case for Deborah for few months. She tried everything, not really. We can say she tried many different suggestions given by physicians or practitioners, but in vain.

Her main problem was the neck pain. It is not exactly the neck itself though, it is rather the part in the back right under the neck, it’s like the upper middle part of the body.Sophie-BPain

Neck pain is one of the most common reasons to visit a physical therapist, with approximately 20% of the population experiencing neck pain at some point in their life. For you, neck pain might be not caused by serious pathology and can be readily treated by a physical therapist.

This is good news because research has shown that people with neck pain often experience quicker improvements in the short term and long term in areas such as pain, disability and perceived recovery when working with a physical therapist.

Your treatment with your physical therapist may include a resistance exercise program, a progressive aerobic exercise routine, manual therapy, and education on your pain/condition. 

Home exercise is recommended to empower you to manage your pain. Online exercise, although great source, but it is better to use the recommended exercises for your condition. It is rarely happened that you’d have the same exact kind of conditions that another person has, so stick to your exercises that relieve your pains.

Each aspect of your care should be uniquely tailored to your ability, goals, and interests.

And this is where my friend, Debbie, found the real relief for her back issues. to our surprise, she said that it was one specific exercise that healed all her pains in that specific spot of her body.

What was it?

It was a seated extension exercise. It is very simple and didn’t require her to exert herself or doing any genius flip. She showed us how to do it. She was seated on a chair with a low and rigid back. She sat all the way back. Her feet went flat on the floor. She had her hands reach behind her head, and extend thoracic spine over the back rest. She repeated the exercise 5 times, and held for 10 seconds. Only one time a day!

If you had the same condition, you can ask your therapist if it could apply to you. Three very important things to keep in mind to speed up your recovery:

1. Remain Active/Motion is Lotion: Try to keep moving as much as you comfortably can. Research has shown that staying active can be very beneficial in your recovery. It is good to continue your day to day activities and to participate in light-exercises such as walking. If any of these activities increase your neck discomfort, it is okay to discontinue them and try something else.

2. Hurt Does Not Always Equal Harm: The human spine is remarkably strong and resilient, so it is highly unlikely that your normal day-to-day activities will do anything harmful to your neck. The severity of pain does not always match the level of damage to your body.

3. Think of how painful stubbed toes can be, especially in the morning when you’re half asleep. There is very little tissue damage with a stubbed toe, but significant discomfort. With this in mind, it is important be conscious of your pain, but do not let it scare you!

4. Changes in your symptoms: If you notice any significant changes in headache frequency/intensity, changes in your vision, your speech or your ability to swallow, or experience significant nausea, vomiting, or dizziness, be sure to contact your physical therapist immediately.

If you had a lower back pain, its exercises are different. Also wearing high heels can affect your spine, and can cause painful sensation, so be careful and limit the time you wear them.

Our thanks for Debbie, having her sharing all of that.

Until we talk again, we’d be waiting your questions or comments, with our love and kisses for all of you


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