Heels Never Heals! (2)

What should we say? Only welcome is the best word for us to use, for meeting with you. Great to see you our readers and friends from the US, Philippines, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, n Vietnam 😉

When we talked about heels yesterday, we actually missed very important part that we meant to tell you about. That part is related to our decisions while wearing high heels. This Related imagespecifically goes for women, or high-heels fans.

High heels force you to alter the alignment of your spine putting you at potential risk for developing back pain. 

A research study has shown that when wearing high heels for short periods of time, the upper body, lumbar spine, and pelvis are negatively affected.

This study also suggests that wearing high heels for long periods of time can potentially cause the spine to become swayback .2 This condition can be painful due to added strain on the lower back and legs.


In fact, some studies describe that high-heels could be dangerous at a certain point. There has been a lot of explanations about why they were considered unsafe to be worn by people who care for their body.

Although fashion is not always agreeable with what is good for our health, it attracts many people, who just love to follow fashion without thinking of any consequences.

It is really quite important, to take a moment before following any crazy trends to think if it is going to be healthy or not for you to do so.

Definitely, there are many mature individuals who take good care of their bodies, and they wouldn’t harm them even if they were described as  out-of-fashion persona.

To which side you belong, we do not know, but we all hopes that you’d be one of the sensible people, who is devoted for good healthy style in life.

Although Mary has sent us an interesting story about high-heels and what were some of the consequences that she suffered, yet, we prefer just to warn you, without giving the details of her story, since it’s a sad unfortunate one.

We wish you good health and wealth, and until we talk again, here’s our kisses & hugs ❤ See you soon ❤


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