Heels Never Heals!

Welcome, and welcome to those who love and care for others. Our sweet friends and readers from everywhere, we are so delighted to welcome you; particularly from the US, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Germany, Ireland, India, Spain, n Norway 😉

There has been that incident with my heels during one of the UC Berkeley graduation ceremonies. Every time, I remember that day, I keep laughing about how things could go completely out of hand.

My students were so pleased when I told them what had happened to me that day. I’m not sure why though, may be because it was so funny or hilarious, to imagine how that could had happened in the middle of a large crowd such as UC Berkeley, while most of  the professors, the students, and their families were celebrating.


Dating back to 3500 B.C., early depictions of high heels could be seen on ancient Egyptian murals. These murals would depict Egyptian royalties wearing heels to set them apart from the lower class, who would normally go barefoot.

Heeled shoes were worn by both men and women, and most commonly for ceremonial Image result for a woman hit a man with her high heelspurposes. However, high heels also served a practical purpose for Egyptian butchers who wore them in order to walk over the bloodied bodies of animal carcasses. During Egyptian times, heels were leather pieces that were held together by lacing to form the symbol of “Ankh”, signifying life.

The need is the mother of inventions! When short women wanted to look taller, they asked their help to come up with those high heels, which they heard of in Ancient history. You see how creativity is great, and how the human mind is creating all the time!

High heels went through evolution, age after age, until currently used for both men and Image result for a man is beaten by high heelswomen, as they used to be in Ancient Egyptian era.

However, nowadays there another usage for high heels, some women beat their husbands with their high heels, for discipline purposes. 🙄

It is not something common to happen though. 

Let’s hear more stories about the high heels; it’s so funny and entertaining. If  you have encountered any high heels incident, share it with all of us. We can publish it for you. Cinderella’s shoes were high heels or short ones. Did they ever mention how high the heels of the glass shoes were? I don’t think so. Haha!

Just kidding, who cares! Life is too short to waste it, guys! Enjoy it, and leave a good memory for others to remember you, and smile.

Shall we take a break? I guess, it’s a yes! Until we talk some more, the heels never heals. Hugs & kisses ❤



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