Your Memories!

There is things that you will remember forever for the rest of your life. You would be amazed how tightly they would sit deep down there in your mind and nothing could ever erase bthem. First let me thank our friends from the US! 😉

Different ways of remembering have their own anatomy in our brains. Long-term memory, LTM, is either declarative or procedural. Declarative memory is your learned facts and events, which is processed in the brain’s medial temporal region.

Two types of declarative memory: the “generic memory” which is based on general facts. The second one is the “episodic memory” which depends on events from the past that had happened to you.

There is a lot to be said about this subject, guys. Probably, we’ll come back to it one more time. Until then, give us your biggest hugs and kisses ❤ Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely WholesaleCashmere in Love


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