Blank Mind!

You’ll get there, no matter what. You’ll do it 🙂 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere including the US, India, Ireland, and Canada 😉

Every part of our bodies is fascinating; in fact it is more than that. Each part is full of secrets, and our scientists try their best to find out how they function continuously after being charged over night.

Our brains work non-stop day and night. Yes, they work while we are asleep. Sometimes during our days, we experience some moments of going blank, as if our BlankMind Sophiebrains went off!

This could have happened to you when you get exhausted or over-worked. It’s important to pay attention if moments like this occurred to you, because there are too many reasons for that to happen.

Let’s say that the main reason is fatigue and that your brain just got frozen like your laptop when data is too much and sometimes it goes to hibernate mode. It tells you that it needs a break and that it is tired. It is that simple.

How to deal with this phenomenon?

Know your brain:

. Your brain can get tired and needs a rest.

. Your brain’s capacity is almost endless but retrieval is different according to the layer you try to retrieve.

. Your brain didn’t do anything wrong.

Take it easy:

. It’s not a big deal to stop at a word and lose the thread of your thoughts. There is no fault in that. It is a human feature.

. If you’re a teacher or a public speaker, make it a joke. Smile and laugh! This will release you tension.

. Look at your good work and assure yourself that you’re a success.

Train yourself how to handle it:

. Inhale deeply then release the air a number of times.

. Have clues for your thoughts instead of trying to remember a whole paragraph.

. Use cards, they would do magic for your memory.

. Avoid overloading your brains with nonsense, pictures, videos, or movies/TV shows, etc.

You owe yourself that much:

. Avoid fooling yourself. If you’re having a recurring incidents of your brains going blank, it certainly means something. It’s asking you for medical attention. It’s good to consult a specialist at that point.

. Prevention is always safe to do. It’s you rescue basic factor so take time for refreshment and going out walking or just watching nature. It’s good for your mind and your soul.

Undoubtedly, you don’t want a blank brain or a frozen mind. There is more to say when it comes to our memories, but this will be in another post.

Until we talk again, here’s our kisses and hugs


. Tips to cure your brain.


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