Crisis in Department Stores!

Keep your spirit up. If one method didn’t work, try another. Keep trying ! 😉 Thank you for the US, Slovenia, Germany, India, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, and the UK 😉

Retailers are losing their employees. This is a fact. Some cities consider it a crisis. The reasons as Linda and Billy put it is as follows:

. No. 1 reason is the very low wages that are paid to team associates as they are called. Once the associate found another better paying opportunity, jumping to it is the only way to survive.

. Trickery to the applicants’ intended work by adding janitorial work, under the wording of “and any other assigned tasks”, to the associates’ tasks and the managers as well to save the pay of the janitorial work staff, which is harmful to the business as well as to the workers. 😦Crisis Sophie

. Poor treatment to employees: associates, coordinators, or others. “Open-your-bag policy” damage the integrity of your employees. Any employee, who wants to steal, can come back as a guest and steal and nobody can stop him. A thief is a thief. Who wants to steal will steal no matter what you do, so why don’t you save the faces of your employees, and let them like their jobs?  Probably the managers were told to do that to their employees, but a good manager would be able to do the right thing! 🙄

. Faulty hiring system via unprofessional people. Many recruiters are amateurs. They try to fill in the gaps. They do not understand that every job has certain specifications that need to be met, and that they need to be clear and transparent in everything with the applicant so not to waste the time of the company nor the time of the applicant.

. No planning and no right prep for the new team players. A live example is TJ in one city in the Bay Area, where one person is doing everything: meeting with the prospective applicants, doing their orientation, training them, bossing them around, preparing the payroll, doing the schedules, controlling the whole store. OMG! The result is that it is the worst retail store you ever enter.

. Training is a joke. Terrible! You are asked to watch a number of videos then to be tested online and you’re not really learning or applying any of the things that you got in real situation. You are told about harassment, but your bag has to be opened at the door in your way out after your shift, as if you’re being accused of shoplifting. The truth is that you’re paying from your own pocket in order to be able to continue with this dummy job.

. “Shrink” is a dilemma. “Shrink” is the lost revenue, which is there in each store, because of the lack of the right plans or strategy that should be used in the store. Real good management is non-existent in many of the stores. There are people who are put as managers, who know nothing about management. They care only for their pay check nothing more nothing less.

. No real security guards. Therefore people are invited to steal.

Linda and Billy are not done yet, but we can talk more with them in another new post. Until then hang around catching up with all what you’ve missed with our hugs and kisses


. Retail Stores Employees Decline.


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