Bart, it Could!

You can’t fake what you don’t have! 🙂 Thank you dear friends and readers from the US, India, Thailand, Denmark, and Angola 😉

What is wrong with the Bart?

I’m not sure who allowed that to happen, it is not such a decent way to ride the train, while intruders impose on you  a musical act or an acrobatic one, while you’re having asleep baby, or a sick elderly.

How to deal with this problem? It makes me sick. 😛

That was what Tamila told Angela, my neighbor, last week when they were at the shopping center. 

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Tamila is a mother for two kids: one is a baby and the other is around 3 years old. She and her husband ride the train every day back and forth with their two little kids. They find that this continuous invasion of the train is too much to take, and ask my neighbor  to write about it through our post.

We agreed. 

The part that bothered them the most was the very loud sound and the way the guys (usually two or three) were collecting money while repeating: “Don’t be a hater and be a donater”. In addition to using some inappropriate words in public.

Tamila added that sometimes there was a woman carrying a child asking for donations too. Other times, it’s someone who was dressed in military uniform claiming that he was a Veteran.

Many times, it seems to be like small  things but it could bother you. It is not about the donations or giving money, it’s about peace of mind and other things people want to do during being in the train. Some people like to read or to listen to their device. Others like to text or close their eyes for a quick nap. The noise of the train itself is enough to give you headache, and that in itself makes the train is not the right stage to perform on. 🙄

Until we talk again, stick to our topics list, and find out which one of them will be your inspiration today.

With our hugs and love, remain safe ❤ 

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