Bart Discrimination Policy!

Listen to your parents’ advice, you may dislike it, but one day you’d see how myopic you were 😉 Welcome back our friends and readers from everywhere: the US, India, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Spain, and Myanmar (Burma) 😉

Talking about discrimination and bias, I guess, never ends. This time it is different type of discrimination though, and is classified as such by many students in Bart19thBerkeley for the reasons we will state. You many agree or disagree, but more effectively you may comment out loud to share your voice with us.

First, you know how important the Bart is in the Bay area for everyone, whether a student, an employee, or just living here. It is of really critical importance to everyone in this area. 

All Bart work is quite appreciated by you and everyone else. You are proud to have imagesuch excellent service and everyone else is so proud to, but there is more to it. There is some behaviors that are criticized by you, such as begging inside the train, which has been improving over the last few months, but this is not the discrimination issue we handle here.

Your story today is about having access for simple rights: a restroom/ a bathroom. 

The restroom is used by kids, pregnant women, elderly, sick people more than by normal people. And the fact that there are restrooms in some stations/stops while others do not have one is considered discrimination, in this case, due to the fact Bartthat my students identify the Bart stops that lack restroom as areas for low-income or poor people, which is a disaster.

Having a restroom in Walnut Creek, or others while having no restrooms in Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Civic Center, 16th Street and 24th Street in San FranciscoLake Merritt12th Street n the 19th St. of Oakland,  and the Downtown Berkeley station is not acceptable. Are people living in those areas lesser than people who live in Walnut Creek? Definitely not! Definitely not!

Therefore, we ask the Bart administration/management to correct this situation right away. For the sake of fairness and giving people their EasyRentCars.comsimplest rights: having a clean bathroom to use when they need.It is an embarrassing policy to have a station better than the other. Equality in treatment to all people everywhere is the right thing to have.

We hope that you would share this with all your friends and acquaintance, and send your comments to our students.

Until we chat again, hang around our topics and energize your mind with new ideas with our hugs and kissesGeekstore

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