It’s always fun to be with all of you! Thank you friends and readers from the US, India, Turkey, Romania, & Brazil 😉

Have I told this before: “We love innovative ideas which may appear on the walls of the Bart in Berkeley, Oakland, Concord, or any other station included in the Bart’s map.” Some of these wall signs are extremely artistic. You feel the designer’s touch, air, mood. It leaves you with this amazing thoughts, how did s/he do it? How come that they were able to come with such a simple yet marvelous idea?

The answer is that they were inspired!

Not only the photo, the picture, the drawing, or the words that would grab your attention, but also the colors and the shades. I’m not surprised to see my students taking pictures for many of them. Yes, it’s true. Many times, I took some shots myself. It just shakes you in a way that you want to see more of it. 

Here’s one that I thought it was great in its creativity, picture, and wording. “Moothology”, haha! It’s so funny, cheerful, and makes you laugh, or at least have a smile. The way the cow/lamb acts as a human and covers its sensitive part with its hand: witty, amusing, smart, and humorous.

The most important part about it is that it is seriously inviting and (I bet) appealing to many. This is how I and my friend, Johanna, found it, and we kept talking about it for our whole commute between Berkeley & San Francisco. 

Therefore, we like to thank the person/s who came up with that wall art, decal, poster, print, or however you want to describe it. If you know the name of that person/s, pls send it to us, to see more of their art projects. It reflects a very high standard of creativity by all means.

Thank you for being here with us, on a Saturday afternoon, and until we chat some more, stay cool, wit our hugs and kisses ❤

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