Your Future Key!

A business marriage is similar to marriage; both are contracts. Both could be renewable if you agreed to this! 😉 Dear friends and readers, it’s great to be here with us, from everywhere: the US, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, and Uruguay 😉

As time goes by, there is fear inside of you that you wouldn’t love or being in love any more, but your heart is still full of passion and love. You need not to fear, it would continue to be the same story as times goes by; you’d keep on being the same person to love and to be loved. This is the nature of life. No matter what, it would continue to be like this. 

Apart from love, there is plenty to be said, and more to be heard every single day we have on Earth. Sure it is plenty! Why? What’s going on? And how could you possibly grasp all of these new things that keep popping in every single moment?

Sure it is hard, but organization is your savior. Use it wisely and you’d get to know what matters to you. 

Definitely and unarguably you wouldn’t be able to know everything in all branches of life, so be selective, although you don’t have to be a specialist. You can be a generalist with three different branches of interest. For example, finance, money market, and art, or any other selectionothers. Just work on narrowing down what you’re really keen to know.

This will save you a lot of wasted time.

Yesterday, I saw Joshua, one of my students using a terribly nice organizer which I didn’t know where he got it from, until he explained to the class that he made it himself with his brother.

Don’t be surprised, you can make one for yourself too. If you search YouTube, you would find how to do a huge number of things, even if you want to build a home, you’d find a video about it. 

You can come up with your own model. You don’t have to imitate others’ ideas, you are capable of creativity. Your creative mind would find a solution for an issue that bothers you. Just give it a try and you’d be surprised to find it in you.


Similar to that guy who thought about the keys until she found rays solution that can be used coming from both sides of the door meeting each other preventing anyone from breaking into her place.

Thus, if you applied her idea, the only one who would be capable of going in is you, coz you’re the only one who have the ability to deactivate those rays. It might look like that figure  ⇐ here to your left.

It’s something may be similar to electric siege, in a way, but since we haven’t seen it yet with our own eyes except in movies (which could be fake), we don’t know how dangerous it could be for a person.

It’s a new idea or invention, you may think of how to develop it to other aspects of life that related to securing your properties.

Until we chat again about one famous story, keep looking at our topics and entertain your mind with our hugs and kisses




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