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Have you ever asked yourself why car keys are different from home keys? If you did, did you get an answer?

Tyler asked me in class about that, which made me think more about it, even after the class. It was very interesting how a simple question can turn into a research rather than a simple answer.

Sophie-KeyWhen you insert a car key into the ignition, you are able to do so quickly and easily, without having to carefully line up the key with the keyhole. You can do this despite the fact that the keyhole is usually behind the wheel, in a spot you can’t even see. Most car ignitions seem to have a “funnel” around the keyhole to make things easier, guiding the key into the ignition.

House keys, on the other hand, are not quite so user-friendly, and require careful alignment of the key and keyhole. More than one attempt might be required if the key misses the keyhole by even a little bit. 

b099d5a9b46a2e9f8855a59554c21594Nevertheless many people still use the old fashion keys that their parents used for many years. You know that it is not easy to give up an old habit, and having traditional keys is like an old habit. 

These days, there are certain areas such as downtown LA or SF which are exposed to burglary more than other neighborhoods, and using old-fashioned keys may not be a good idea if you really care about protecting your place.

Then, why don’t you have a key similar to your car key: easy to use and perfect in locking up your door, and you can add whatever security sensor you like to even More detailed image on ignitionhave some extra protection.

You have to know that the car key mechanism is not the same as the  house key, but could you change that and use your car key for your door key as well?

I think this is another questions for security specialists and new trend technicians, coz we understand that you want one magic key that would enable you to open everything you have, and this is similar to hotels which have one master key that opens all doors in the hotel!

One answer to Tyler’s question was:

Because there is a financial incentive to improve the design of car keys, which is not true for house keys. Aspects of this incentive are:People buy cars more frequently than houses.

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. Cars can be purchased anywhere, but houses do not move
. The cost of locks on a house is very much smaller a part of the total cost than locks on a car
. Cars are broken in to more often than houses
. Cars are stolen way more often than houses
. People expect car technology to be improved over time
. There are more car manufacturers and competition over a larger location area than for houses.


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Really, there are many reasons. Just think it through, you can probably expand this answer with your own. This is true in general.

You might be thinking the way Tyler thought, or you could be like others who use insurance to cover any kind of theft to protect your assets, which is really always good to have.

How about if you can lock your doors without a key? Think about it, until next time, with our hugs and kisses


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