All in Your Mind!

The impossible is possible, it’s all in your mind! 😉 Thank you readers and friends from everywhere especially the US, Russia, and India for coming back to our pages 😉

Did you ever understand where that fear of North Korea come from? I guess, we have known few sources: 1- is media, and 2- is media 🙄

Media is accused of spreading rumors among people to keep them busy, and to have 14272018_964833823662288_262423891_nhigher audience rates, but it is not only that.

In one of the classes I attended just for observation, I noticed that the teacher’s first prep point on his list was CNN, where he had that giant screen for the students to watch the news, which was great method of teaching, the only down side about it was that it brought the media rumors to the heads of our young generations.

The news, among other subjects, talked about North Korea, how the people live there in fear, and that they had to completely obey their president; otherwise, they were dead, their families, their friends, and everyone who knew  that disobedient persons would be erased from Earth’s face.

The teacher, I could see, deeply believed in that, and he even stopped the video from time to time, to add things from his own book of bias, or to comment negatively on pictures of soldiers and people.

I was so astonished but in the meantime completely understanding (hopefully) to why he did that. 

My analysis was that that good teacher was continuously exposed to CNN News, certain program, which conveyed to people, all the time, the fear of the outside world- the war with other nations, and the need to be ready for enemies. They planted the image of having North Korea‘s only purpose of developing nuclear weapons/programs, is to ruin our country or to rule the world. Is there a chance (1 in a million) that the development of nuclear products could be a good idea in facing any external threat on Earth ?  :mrgreen:

We have to be ready for anything that happen to our world, it is true, but sometimes fear makes us unable to see everything around us, coz there are many people out there who want peace!

Being in peace with yourself and others is the only way of true protection. You would be able to sleep by night and think happily of  your future and your family’s future too.

Media people are like any other profession. They want to be successful and have their highest ratings, but they have to consider the human element more than that. Creating dislike among people is not right. Nothing could justify it. Encourage people to love each other and to care for each other. This is the real strength!

Until we talk again, we’d love to hear your comments, questions, or both, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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