Far Worthy!

Smart guys! Is time money or is it not? First thank you for the US, India, Australia, Uganda and Qatar for being loyal readers for our posts 😉

What do you want from life? Have you ever thought about that? If you did, what answer did you have?

Some people claim that they know what they want from life, but the truth is that it is changeable. 

How? Everyday brings you a new element in your life. For example, when you are in middle school, your hopes are totally different from when you are in high school. And not only your hopes, it is everything else in your life: your food, your preferred places, your friends, your projects.

Everything is in a constant move and to where? You have no idea. You plan, you aim, and you achieve, but it all goes like a dream, and if you turned back you would only see shadows, no real things. You can only see yourself in pictures when you were young. You can no longer feel it, see it, or touch it. The past always go to a sacred place, where no one is able to come close to it.

Many would advise you to be positive, which is cool and appealing. Positive people attract others all the time, because they are optimistic, which is a quality hard to attain; it has to come natural in life, although some training might be helpful.


But, is this what you want from life: to live a positive life? And then what? There has to be a goal, so you ‘d think: ok, I’ll have playing basketball as a professionalwill be my goal. You start working on that. You succeed, have many fans, become famous, with your pictures everywhere. Then what?


Do you want more? No, Yes, or may be!

When I am in class, and I ask my students: “Is there any difficult word you do not understand, or pronounce?” and nobody answer, I usually say loudly: “Is it a Yes a No or may be?” They laugh, because  I keep repeating that until they remember to respond every time I ask them.

If No, and you don’t want more than that from life, good for you. You’re happy and you are an achiever since you accomplished what you aimed at. If Yes, figure out what else you want from life. More health, more money, more friends, and whatever that is, there is no guarantee that you would get it, but seeking it would give you either satisfaction or disappointment. If may be, and you’re sure, talk to someone, doing that most of the time gives you new prospective or new way of thinking.

The top answer  for this question though (What do you want from life?) would most probably be: “I want happiness for my children and my grandchildren.” This could be the answer of a mature adult according to a research that was done recently.

Just  do not keep thinking forever, wasting your time and your life as well. Someone said: “Time is money”, in fact it is not! Time is far worthy than money; only the smart people would know that. 

Keep peeping through our pages, and catch the inspiration you’re looking for. Until we chat some more, here’s our kisses and hugs

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