Transgenic Tomatoes!

Brand new! Thank you for visiting our page friends from the US, India, Uganda, Albania, & Slovenia 😉

Dear friends and readers, welcome back. It’s so hot and humid for the last three days here in CA. It’s cooling down a bit this week, as they say.

A new product is in our supermarkets, it took me by surprise to see it, just right there sitting among other fruits and vegetables.

It is the new black tomatoes. I’m not sure how I felt about it when I saw it. I grabbed bthe packet, and read what it said as black tomatoes. In addition, it was written “Don’t be surprised, it’s just tomatoes”.

I think they should have said: “Dont’ be surprise, it’s just another color!” Haha!

As I told you before, I’m not a fan of black color, although the color was not exactly black, but we can say a shade of black, so it was definitely not among my choices. I had to pass that well packaged plate.

I hope that I wouldn’t see a black bananas though, I prefer them the way they are, that actually goes for the rest of the fruits and the vegetables. Probably I’m old school, but I tend to like the natural plants not the transgenic. :angry:

Until we talk again, dig deeper into out list, you’ll find it, stay cool with our hugs and kisses


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