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Can we say that consumers used to enjoy more their supermarkets’ shopping experience than they do nowadays?

Well, it all depends on what the consumers need!

Sure prices of groceries play an essential role when customers choose their merchandise. Brands and nutritional factors probably come next, or first; it is all decided by the priorities each customer set for herself/himself.

Talking about my personal experience, I use more than one supermarket. And the reason is that sometimes  the quality I like is unavailable in certain supermarkets. Other times the brand is not. Take Trader Joe’s as an example. It is one of my preferred supermarkets only because they carry many natural food, or organic fresh products (although lately the organic products became an controversial issue).

In the past, consumers were not into healthy food the way they are right now. There has been a lot of healthy food education for people regarding the kinds of food they should consume, and the ones they should avoid. This enlightens consumers and made them aware of the importance of nutritional factors, but whether they apply what they learned or not, we do not know.

Prices have been a major factor and they still are when customers buy their food. I will not buy a product which I feel that its price was exaggerated. I will get another equally healthy item, rather than encourage the higher prices to prevail. That is when  the value I get does not justify the pricing.

In other words, I would only buy an item which I feel it is adequately priced. I do not encourage greedy sellers, who put a higher price seeking a quick profit. As for the brands, I would prefer certain brands especially when it comes to pasta or ice-cream, coz of its taste, and its accuracy of measurements when it is prepared.

I tend to think about healthy food; therefore, nutritional factors are my first priority, as for the price and the brand they come second for the above mentioned reasons.

Consumers have too many ways of thinking when it comes to selecting their groceries in the supermarket. May be the challenge varies, enjoyable or unenjoyable, it all depends. There is available service now to order your items via new companies, and they will deliver your groceries to your home; it’s one option for you in case you no longer enjoy it.

Thank you for being here, and let us hear your voice, and read your comments and feedback. Until then, go to our topics list, and catch up with what you’ve missed.

Talk to us soon. with our hugs and kisses, remain safe.

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