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“Sometimes banks’ regulations seem to be stupid”, said  an angry customer coming out of the doors of WellsFargo. She closed her account with that bank after being a good client for more than 10 years.  I wonder what had happened to her to cause that?

However this is not our subject for today. We like to talk about Hershey chocolate, and how it came to existence. Milton Hershey was the one who fought his way up in order to get that chocolate to light.

He was born in Pennsylvania (1857). Milton attended school up to the fourth grade then he worked as a printer, but it dint work well for him. After he left the printing business he went to Lancaster for a Pennsylvania candy maker. At that point, he felt that it was what he looked for and opened his own candy store at the age of 18.

Although he was talented, the shop didn’t succeed and was closed. Milton moved to Denver after that failure, and leaned caramel making. He worked with a local manufacturer who used fresh milk. He never stopped attempting to have his own business in many cities such as New York, Chicago, and New Orleans, and he ended up opening it in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 1893, it was a turning point in his all entire business, when he attended the Chicago International Exposition, where he saw display of German chocolate-chocolatemaking equipment, which he purchased for his candy factory. He began producing chocolate but only for coating his caramels.

After seeing the success that chocolate brought to his caramel, he decided to open his chocolate company. In 1894 Hershey chocolate company came to life but it was a subsidiary of the candy business, not for too long though. In 1905,  Milton opened his chocolate factory which turned out to be the largest chocolate plant in the whole world.

That determination is rare and admirable. It is certainly an excellent example for new businesses.

Later on, we will chat some more. Until then give us your big hugs and hugs

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