1Zumba, Is It Show-Business?!

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What is Show business?


“sometimes shortened to show biz or showbiz (since c. 1945), is a vernacular term for all aspects of entertainment, especially light entertainment.The word applies to all aspects of the entertainment industry from the business side (including managers, agents, producers, and distributors) to the creative element (including artists, performers, writers, musicians, and technicians). The term was in common usage throughout the 20th century, but the first known use in print dates from 1850 At that time and for several decades it always included an initial the.By the latter part of the century, it had acquired a slightly arcane quality associated with the era of variety, but the term is still in active use. In modern entertainment industry, it is often associated with the fashion industry (creating trend and fashion) and acquiring intellectual property rights from the invested research in the entertainment business.”

A wanna-be star, is everywhere, in every city, in every state, n in every country. Millions have the dream of being a star, locally or globally, but who actually succeeds in this tough business?!

Some people think that there is not business like the show-business, in its lights, fame, & money. Others hold to the opinion of money can be made in many ways, and you get rich, not necessarily through show-business, coz many tried this path, and they were not successful, after spending long hours of auditions. They never make it to the top, as they think they will.

Of course, it is exciting to be in a movie, even if you were not the top star in the movie. Let us be realistic. For a normal guy/gal, it’s a dream to see yourself on the large screen, and billions of people watch your performance. Many times, you see actors only for one time on the screen, and never again though. Even the most successful ones, they would be once on the top of the list, then they would go down, coz the demand would fade away eventually. They were turned into a product, like any other!

JolieHere’s 9 reasons for being an actor is the worst decision you can make. More

Actors or actresses are acting that they are happy, how could they not?! They chose that career, and you know how hard it is to admit that you made the wrong choice. Many stories told us how bad this business is, but still, it is glamorous to be a movie-star, especially for young people.

Lidia, 1Zumba friend, is reminding me of mentioning one point, before I forget. Many times my students, or co-workers complained of individuals, who do not keep their commitments, when it comes to an interview or a written work deadline. I know how frustrating this might be.

The situation is as follows: someone approaches you, and ask you to have an interview about her/his products or herself/himself, whatever her/his interest is. You explain how it goes, s/he agrees and welcomes the free service. You together agree on a date. Then, you don’t hear anything from that person when the date is here, as if there was no commitment, there was nothing discussed, there was no time invested 😯

It feels creepy n awkward, & I, personally,  don’t care about this kind of behavior, coz they are the losers. If you do not have the guts to notify that you changed your mind about a project, your image would be affected, exactly, similar to failing to appear on the day of your finals, not less. When there are other parties involved, it’s always good to be considerate, coz time is important for you & for others as well.

Either, you keep your promise, or notify the person you promised that you changed your mind! This is how civilized people act

Now, back to showbiz, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are getting a divorce, this is the latest Hollywood news, about these two stars, unfortunately. 

It is not gossips, it has been published everywhere, and this is one negative factor about being a movie star, coz the possibilities are that you would get married hundred times, or may be more, haha 😳

The bottom line is you would probably make a lot of money, but this would not guarantee that you would get the happiness that you think you would get. Of course there are many stories out there.

How to become an actor is explained here a  step-by-step, so beat it, if you really want this career, n read it thoroughly, n ask questions.

Oops, we will be back in a moment 😳


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