1Zumba Going Nuts!

Thank you dear friends everywhere; Russia, the US, Lithuania, Morocco, n Argentina 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, when I heard that I was that close of being a 1Zumba addict, I felt a bit worried. For one reason, I’m certain I’m not. Wait a minute! Here’s my proof; if I had classes or lectures, I wouldn’t go to the Zumba class so long as it didn’t impede my teaching schedule.

However, I get to my computer, to search for more info about addiction, not only for sports, or fitness, but for any other kinds of addiction, so here’s what I found.

Addiction could be not only for drugs, it could happen for other behaviors in your life too. You can become addicted to watching TV, you can be obsessed  with computer, you can get too much attached to your games, your smart phone, or you can be a Zumbaholic person. Any of these types of addiction is not healthy, and it can affect your productivity.

It could happen to anyone of us. It’s very natural, due to the excessive exposure to a certain element, that it could cloud your thinking, so you would keep thinking, for instance about a certain game, and how to win the game 😕

Once you notice this unhealthy situation, your best bet is to start using some techniques that would make you straighten up your thinking processes. Of course, when it is your bread & butter, it’s very hard to do that, but not impossible.

This link is very interesting in how to explain the symptoms of becoming a Zumbaholic person:http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Signs-Youre-Addicted-Zumba-38357401#photo-38357435, where it says that there is 8 signs of Zumba addiction. So I compared myself to those 8 assumed symptoms, and non of them applied to me. Yay!

I knew I was not, but the phrase I heard from my friend, made me curious to find out. It’s totally awesome to find out new things about yourself. After all, you do not spend enough time with yourself most of the time.

Nick, 1Zumba friend, asked me about which perfume to get for his mom on mother’s Day. Wow! It’s a tough question, coz I love too many perfumes. I have a long list of fantastic perfumes. Some perfumes, I prefer for summer time, & others for winter time. L’Air Du Temps, for me, it’s summer. Chloé for winter time.

I suggested few of them: Dior Addict, Givenchy, Bond No. 9- New Haarlem, Prada Tendre, J’Adore Dior, L’Instant De Guerlain, White Diamonds, Dolce & Gabbana, Flora by Gucci, Valentino Valentina, Shalimar, Poison, Shi, Viva La Juicy, or Flowerbom. But the question is which perfume his mom prefer. As you know, each one of us, when it comes to perfumes or fragrances has a totally different taste. Am I right, my 1Zumba friend? Say yes pls. haha 

Lauren asked me yesterday: “there are things in our lives we cannot change, why can’t we?” To this question, I would like to invite you to react. Is it really true that there are things that we cannot change, or is it that we do not want to change, or is it that we feel too lazy to change, or is it that we no longer care about it to change?  Your comments and responses to Lauren will be greatly appreciated. 🙄

Oh! One more thing, Peter, 1Zumba friend, you are in deep trouble, and I know how it feels to like someone, who is totally busy with others. Years ago, I was almost in a similar situation, where he not she did see what I had for him, but he was busy building up his career.

It felt as if I wasn’t good enough for him, at one point. But it was not that, coz later on he told me things, I never imagined that he felt about me. The situation completely changed, when it was the right time. Just give it time, and don’t go nuts, dear! haha 😳

We have to go to the library now, so I would say goodbye for a short while, then we will be back with you again, to talk about show-business, since one of our friends suggested it. In the meantime, drive safely, be cool, and remember us ❤




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