Politics? Why Not!

Our dear friends, readers, visitors, bloggers, writers, and anything else you like to be, welcome to our page. It’s an honor to have you with us today. 

Our thanks and gratitude go to everyone who cares to hear our voices, especially from the US, Oman, India, the UK, Tunisia, Australia, n Canada 😉

You and I are not politicians, so would this mean that we are not supposed to talk about politics? But we are the people, who nominate, select, elect, or vote, don’t you think that we have the right to talk about it 😕Modo Bath

Dear 1Zumba friend, many of us no longer interested in politics, and the main reason is the disbelief in its justice or benefits for any simple citizen, like us. 

But there is an extremely important fact: All this money spent on elections, one said could have made every American very rich person. Have you ever heard this statement? Probably not, coz there is tendency not to let you know plenty of things. You put billions of dollars in the hands of the government, and this government will spend your money the way they choose to. You, in reality, have no say, about your money. YOU pay this government to distribute your money the way they want.  USA Car RecordBuckle.com

Why People get upset when they speak about politics, although they are not politicians.You can get more debates here. There is more to read about political correctness, and people’s opinions. More

Many people do not participate in elections, the reasons behind this are plenty. Check for yourself, which category you would tend to agree with more than others:

What do you think personally and frankly? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated
😉 Do you believe in having a president or a queen, or any other kind of leadership? What people should do if they do not trust any of the nominees 😕

Suggested solutions: Some individuals recently suggested a new transformation transitional phase for America, in which the whole system should be changed, coz it became a rotten system. It’s hard to tell, when you do not have all the data, to really know if it is gonna be for the best interest of the American people or not. May be our Harvard professors can answer to these questions. Harvard Politics.

In this small book, The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry: I recommend Chapter 10 (X) & 13 (XIII) if you do not have enough time to read the whole book, to emphasize our points. In the meantime, I would quote “It is a violation of etiquette to yawn in  a king’s presence.” But there was nobody in that kingdom, except that passing-by visitor! 😀

The author was a genius in expressing his opinions in a very sarcastic, yet real way.

In the future, probably we can talk some more about why wealthy people are the ones who seek the power, more than anyone else.

Oh! How many bottles of champagne to be used by the elected party in case of winning? Who pays for this budget? The who?  ……. 😆

Now, we can bring down the curtains, only temporarily, until we meet again, and have more interesting talk. with our love & kisses for all of you friends ❤

good Morning America

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