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Nothing is easy in the world of writing. It never was. You don’t have to write a lot to know if you can make it or not. It’s either inside of you or not.

Cashmere in Love

But then, there will be a time when you want to have someone to talk to, or to hear the voice of a reader who is really really engaged with everything you’ve been writing, but you run out of ideas on how to find this person, let alone getting frank direct comments.

Then, why is it too difficult to have people comment not only on your blog or your book but almost on everything you encounter in your life. Yes, truly this is the case right now.

This is what my students and I discussed in class the other day, and each one of them had a valid idea about the reasons behind your no-comment community:


Ryan said: “People tend to keep it to themselves nowadays. They can talk about themselves or their lives, but when it comes to commenting on your work, it’s rarely happening.” 

Gabby confirmed: “Of course on social media where there’s hundreds of people who have nothing to do except posting photos and trivia online, this is not included here.”

Sandy and Melinda argued back and forth: “When you don’t express yourself, most probably there is a reason. Whether it is a valid reason or not, doesn’t matter, what matters is what is the reason itself that makes you unable to open up and talk.”Shop now!

Here’s the outcome of our class discussion about the reasons behind having a no-comments community in your world now:

. You feel insecure.
. You are shy. You can’t comment although you can write.
. You like to read only.
. You are intimidated by bullies.
. You were raised up to listen not to talk.
. You can’t give your comment coz you feel it might be disliked by others.
. You don’t know if it’s OK to talk freely on that site or not.
. You want to avoid consequences if there is any.
. You don’t have anything to say about what you’ve read.
. You don’t understand the subject matter so comment is N/A.
. You were told not to comment to avoid having your data stolen.
. You are not familiar with how to give a clear comment.
.You don’t feel comfortable expressing your ideas for a crowd.
. You don’t feel that you’ve got something new to tell about the topic you read.
. You were only skimming the page not serious about getting engaged.
. You’re not interested in giving your comments.
. You don’t have time to give your comments although you liked the subject.
. You’re busy compiling ideas of your own.
. You have a previous negative experience when you gave your comments before.
. You keep it to yourself.
. Others.


Until we talk again, we hope that none of those reasons were applicable to you, and that you’d comment on one or more of our topics with our hugs and kisses ❤Qatar Airways

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      1. You too, lovely to hear back. Life is very busy these days but I’m grateful for it all, the good and the not so good. Take care 😊


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