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Crocodiles can and do generate tears. They don’t produce tears to cry over the capture Image result for crocodilesthey get, nor to pretend that they are sad to have other animals fall for that, but they do it coz it’s part of their nature, or may be no one knows yet. They do not cry; do you think that people could be the same like crocodiles?

Do you remember that sad story about the guy whose toddler just jumped up out of his hand into the crocodiles’ lake, and he froze. He couldn’t jump after his son to rescue him. The son was eaten. Someone had Image result for the kid who jumped from his dad's arms into the crocodile lakemade a joke about it:

It’s cruel but, he said, when the father was asked: “What did you think, when your son jumped up of your arms and dive into the crocodiles’ lake? The man answered: “Oh! I was devastated, and I instantly took the decision of adopting this time”.

Crocodiles are mentioned in many cultures, and mostly they are seen as tough and deceiving creatures, that can hunt unmercifully their preys. But the only reason they do this, is to satisfy their hunger.

The reason for talking about crocodiles was my co-worker, Lauren, she brought it all up, when she was upset yesterday, saying that our department was like a bunch of crocodiles.

Because I couldn’t understand exactly what she meant by that, I mentioned few characteristics of crocodiles, giving her a chance to elaborate, since I was one Image result for two girls talking togetherof those crocodiles 🙄

In the meantime, because I lately noticed a lot of miscommunication among people, I preferred to hear her explanation. She didn’t answer, she just raised her hand expressing “Never mind” gesture.

When Mike asked if anyone knew how to use a forklift, and one said yes, it didn’t mean that that person knew how to use the specific forklift that Mike was talking about, because his question was a general one, but we’ll talk about it later 😮

Until then, keep checking on our posts, get your solid inspiration, with our hugs & kisses for all of you ❤

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