Games are plenty, but smart ones are few! 😉 Welcome back friends, especially from the US, India, Canada, South Africa, the UK, and Germany! 😉

She was tall, fair complexion, short light brown hair. Her features reflected a good nature person. She wore glasses and she was in her twenties.

She was a delicate student, believed what she was told. She was not naive but she easily accepted facts with no argument or questions about it. She believed in internet and online communication. She trusted electronic deals more than or equal to the normal buys you do in normal life. Her shopping was all online and her ideas were mostly based on her  virtual searches.Pure Silk

She was smart, but knowing that she was an intelligent person, she had some ego that wouldn’t let her see sometimes how she acted. When she met that guy she couldn’t see or hear anybody else, as if he was hypnotizing her. Anything he said was a bible, any suggestion he made was a miracle. He saw beauty in him that didn’t exist.

He was unbalanced person, a jobless graduate, smoke strange things, and so weird in his behavior that he had to go to hospital for depression reasons.

That was not a movie. That was Gretta’s daughter, my neighbor!


I was in an awkward situation when Gretta asked me to talk to her daughter. First, I like to talk to people who would accept my advice, and I had my doubts about that, since I didn’t know Gretta’s daughter that much.

Second, she used to be friendly with everyone, growing up beautifully with my daughter, but that was not enough reason for me to interfere into her personal life and tell her what to do with her boyfriend/friend.


What do you think? If you were in my shoes, would you talk to your neighbor’s daughter or son if their parents ask you to do that?

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It’ not an easy question, coz some neighbors do not socialize with you; others would but they keep it to themselves when it comes to personal situations. It makes you somehow doubtful if you should be part of it or not.

Until we talk again, get your mind cleared up and dive into our topics, get your true inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤ 

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