Your Student’s Chat!

Some part of you is hoping beyond hope that I just might be telling you the truth, and yes, I do! 😉 Hello friends from everywhere: the US, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Bangladesh, the UK, Portugal, Russia, and Vietnam 😉

Sometimes you have a little chat with your students, and when you play it back in your mind, it kind of feels eerie, as if somebody else was talking to that student not you. Mark and I had that little chat the other day:

. Life is good.


. Why but?

Coz we don’t know where to, we will be going

. Would it make any difference? You’ve got no choice. You’ll go wherever your Creator want you to go

It’s true. So why are we living here?

. Only, for a certain period of time

To do what?

. To do things: to do things that nobody else was able to do; to do things that needed a new human to complete or continue; to do things that would help in evolving the world around us; may be to reach an ultimate purposeSophieClass

Purpose? Why do we believe that everything is there for a reason or a purpose?

. To make sense out of it, i guess

Why do we need to make sense out of it?

. I don’t know; probably we are programmed to have reason for everything

But, we invented the word reason. Logic n reason are made by humans, like any other word

. Yeh, humans came up with such words, so what? What is your point?

I don’t know; it’s a thread of thought i’m following up with

. Got it, I had the same feelings sometimes too.

What is it? Desperation? Is this how u felt?

. Not really. I’m thankful for everything. For a table to write on; for a client to come by. I’m thankful for a house that I stay in for few hours; I’m thankful for being able to sense to hear to taste to see to think to watch to write to talk to walk to sit to do anything to be alive. I’m thankful to be alive

What is it then that you don’t put in words? What is it that is kept inside of us?

. May be you need to do something else. At one point, I thought may be i should only write n admire my own writing, haha

Only famous writers make the big bucks, is this what came in your mind? Is this what happened?

. Honestly, not really. I love writing, but we were talking about you.

You are a well-known writer. You’re very famous for us: your own friends and students!

. True, I believe I am. Thank you 🙂 Shall we go back to you? 😆

Until we chat again, may be it’s your turn to get to know your students via our topics, and with our hugs and kisses


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