Rethink Lucky!

Whenever you feel lonely, think of us. We are all here for you! 😉 You must have already read a lot about luck and how some people are luckier than others. Is this true? Do you consider yourself lucky? What is luck anyway? Clearly, it is all depends on you and how you see life … More Rethink Lucky!


Sometimes you have everything, but you don’t realize it! 🙄 Thank you our readers and friends from everywhere; particularly from the US, India, Turkey, and New Zealand.  😉 Sometimes there is nothing to be said. You just want to sit in silence watch the world around you. Just to be observer nothing more. Yesterday when that … More Gold!

What A Million $$?!

Great Day, everyone! Thank you for the US, the UK & Uganda friends, as well as all other readers and followers everywhere else, all over the world 😉 My dear 1Zumba friend, our meeting today will include a new question for our competition, a dialogue between two of our 1ZumbaCircles group on FB, and a … More What A Million $$?!