Sometimes you have everything, but you don’t realize it! 🙄 Thank you our readers and friends from everywhere; particularly from the US, India, Turkey, and New Zealand.  😉

Sometimes there is nothing to be said. You just want to sit in silence watch the world around you. Just to be observer nothing more.

Yesterday when that happened to me, I watched a movie that I would never thought of watching unless under those circumstances of “just observer” state of mind.

It was called “Gold” and I don’t really like to watch Matthew McConaughey  movies, even his name is difficult to remember. Nevertheless, it was good to watch. And I liked it.Image result for movie gold

Not for any reason except that it was taken from real life story, and it felt real. He did a good job. He acted like never before. In the meantime, the other thing that grabbed my attention was that extremely long list of people who worked in that movie.

Either we underestimate the revenue of movies, especially when it is a movie produced by Netflix, or these people would not get paid until the movie is fully distributed and covered all its expenses. How could they afford to pay all that number of people? OMG! It was a forever number of names. Are you kidding me?!

Gold” was one of the good movies I watched, and when I say it was a good movie, you know me, it must have been!

The best inference about it was that his girl was his good luck. That was only confirmed by the end of the movie without doubt.

Until we talk more, keep digging down into our gold treasures, and stay cool with our hugs and kisses


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