Eating Right!

Hello friends and readers from everywhere; with special thanks to our audience from the US, Japan, India, and Mexico 😉

It’s now, like no other time before, it’s easy to eat out or order online meals! It’s not about spending though, it’s about gaining weight. I am gaining a lot of weight lately, and I don’t know what to do to stop eating without being hungry. Is this normal to happen? Or am I sick or what? 

This is what Adrienne asked us last week, and here’s what we think the right solution:

. First identify the problem & its reasons: eating without feeling hunger. 

Observe yourself. Did you get into a new habit from a friend? Did you eat when you watch TV? Did you have new changes in your life recently that trigger your eating habits? Is there any recent development for your eating habits due to any emotional reason i.e. missing someone dear, re-locating at your workplace, etc.

. Make a plan to deal with this new factor/habit in your life.

Once you discover the reason behind this new trend in your life, you would be able to think of an appropriate solution. For example, if the reason is that you have a new friend with whom you started going out regularly and s/he tends to eat a lot, and you consequently affected by his overeating habits, you need to retreat, or to accompany that person not necessarily for eating, keep her/his companionship for other reason, such as going to the library together, or fitness classes. Try to choose any other things in common to do together, until you become in control of your eating habits again.

Stick to your plan whatever occurred in your life. Do not give yourself excuses for eating. Do not deceive yourself. Sometimes, we tell ourselves that that would be the last time I eat rice this month, or I need to compliment that person accepting that pancake. It happens to all of us, but when you find yourself doing that, just knock your head with your fist twice to sober up, and remind yourself that you should not be overeating. It is not only about gaining unnecessary weight. It is about your health.

. Not healthy to do this!

If you’re accustomed to have popcorn while watching movies, you can do that from time to time, but not every single time you sit opposite to your screen. It is good to be leery when it comes to eating.

. Keep your good habits in eating.

Positive family preparing lunch together
It could be out of boredom that you overeat, so keep yourself busy. There is plenty of activities that you can do without hurting your health. Many useful practices you can get to know about through your local library, or your neighbors. 

If it’s your neighbors who are pushing you to eat more, just apologize politely, and show that you are sincerely appreciating what they offer you. I know that it is for free food, but this is not an excuse my dear to accept it. Unless you’re going to give it away for some needy people. It is all right then.

. Resist temptation.

You’d feel very proud of yourself to resist the temptation of overeating. After a while it would become one of your regular habits, if it wasn’t before that. Sometimes, the food looks so delicious and you might say to yourself: “To hell with self-control to this yummy food“. No do not do that to yourself. I’ve seen a lot of people doing that. If you want to taste some mouthwatering dish, you can definitely do that, it wouldn’t be considered overeating.

Overeating is only when you consciously have food into your stomach while you  feel completely full.

Thank you Adrienne for your question, and I hope that we give you the right advice. After all eating right is never an easy path. 😛

We will chat some more very soon, just stick tightly to our topics, and look for your treasures. Until then be safe with our hugs and kisses

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