Domains for Sale!

Welcome back dearest friends and readers from the US, Slovenia, the UK, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Portugal, India, Serbia, or anywhere else. You’re the best 😉

You know as well as we all do that there are people who are extremely interested in buying domains, for they know exactly how to mange a domain, how to maintain it, and how to draw a lot of traffic to it. In brief they know how to make a good money out of any given domain name.Image result for domains

Therefore, and due to the more duties I have at work, I decided to list two of my domains for sale. I’ll try to check on the steps required later this week, but if you are interested in one or more of my domains, pls let me know. You’d save me the time, and you’d cut the chase as they say.

The first domain is:

The second domain is:, for which I founded a group on Facebook, if you want to manage that group too you’re welcome. It can be very supportive to this domain in a way.

Furthermore, if someone you know would be interested in buying one or both of these domains, pls spread the word, so that they can be used more profitably.

Thank you for being here.

We’ll have our chat soon, and until then here’s our hugs & kisses.

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