Like a Fish!

It’s exactly right! You are what you eat, but Zola has more… Welcome our friends and readers from everywhere; from the US, India, and China 😉

Oceanographers know that our oceans are in trouble! I’m not sure why not, since there has been many bad incidents to our oceans and seas. Nobody takes good care of them. Right?! Not exactly, coz there are people who are deeply into oceans and seas. They put time and efforts to study these important sources of lives. They give their lifetime to our oceans.

Admittedly, we still need more people to show interest in them. Therefore, we encourage our kids and students to look into the possibilities of dedicating their lifespan for the oceans and its secrets.SeaBear Chowder & Soups

Many even believe the trouble is worse than they had thought. The US commission on Ocean Policy, ordered by Congress in 2000, released its 450 page report in 2004. The report lists many problems, contaminated seafood, urban runoff of oil, trash and human waste, farm runoff of chemicals that cause growth of algae and suffocate ocean life, and rising sea temperatures that kill coral reefs and enhance the spread of water-borne viruses.

I’m afraid that there is more problems than that. Take for example the issue of the collapse of some fish species in spite of the fact that commercial fishermen discard probably more than a quarter of their catch. Many kinds of fish completely disappeared from our oceans. Nobody seems to be worried except our experts in this field.

Image result for ocean creatures

We take our shores for granted. We like recreational matters more than maintenance ones. Of course, who wouldn’t? But there are consequences, not necessarily immediate although some are. 

It is critical to understand that these problems before it is too late, which it is. You do not wish to see one day that you are regulated to buy only one fish or one shrimp, do you? I remember one day I had a promenade with my daughter in one of our great parks in Southern California, and there was a sign that “Limited to one fish” next to a drawing of a fishing rod. We kept laughing for the rest of our day. 😆

Oh! Before I forget about Zola, she said that the day she ate chicken she could see that her face was like one, and the day she drank coffee, she could see the color of coffee in her skin, and the day she ate fish, she could see her own face like a fish. Haha! Can you imagine if that was true. OMG! We would be all in trouble!

Hey, remain cool, and hang around our topics the longest you can. You’d be inspired, believe me. Until we chat some more, here’s our kisses and hugs

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