Movies’ Sickness!

You are one of a kind. You have so much to live for, just enjoy your life when you still can! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, the UK, India, South Africa, and Thailand! 😉 

Enjoying yourself with a good movie is no longer possible, I guess. Manny selected a DVD for us, and the least to be said is that it was a bad choice.

Since we’re not recommending it for you, it’s name is useless, but Amy said she didn’t believe that K.Reeves would accept to play a role like that, and we agreed.


Geekstore Christmas Jumpers


Young ReevesThere was a lot of philosophical unnecessary dialogue and argument. It sounded absurd, as if it was only for the sake of having the minutes of the movie covered in any way possible.  Unexpectedly, Reeves lost his charm, with inexpressive eyes.

Until we talk again, why don’t you recommend a nice movie you liked for us- new or old it doesn’t matter,  check across the movie topics we have and get your inspiration with our hugs and kisses ❤

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