Burnt We Recommend!

Friends who are eager for inspiration know that they will find it here. 100% Guaranteed! Welcome back dearest readers from everywhere; especially the US, New Zealand, India, Japan, Philippines, Germany, and Serbia 😉

Last week, my family and I watched a movie that I picked up at our local library just out of curiosity seeing its cover. It is absolutely the truth and nothing but the truth. I did not expect much out of it coz I didn’t even knew whether it was comedy, drama or others, although I usually check up the brief written on the cover lest it would be a thriller or rated R.

The movie was, contrary to what I expected, well-done! Everything in that movie was a success. The actors lived their roles as if they were absolutely real. Cooper excelled in that role, so were all other actors in that movie.

Having Paris involved in one more movie was not like the way you would expect to see, it was mainly the name, but events didn’t take place in Paris, which was really so smart, since audience are a bit tired of seeing “Eiffle Tower and all other Paris related atmosphere. Of course it is romantic to have Paris mood and music, but we’ve already seen it a lot. It would have been a repetition if it happened.

The ingenuity as each one of us saw it was in the kitchen scenes. They were so real to an extent you would believe that you’re watching the real thing not at all emulation. It was pithy and refreshing, with no extra unnecessary shots.

The other thing that my daughter liked about that movie was that it was not about the traditional love story between a man and a woman, although implicitly there was some admiration going on between the two main characters, but still, the story of the film made us focus on that miserable life of that talented chef and the events in that life with all characters involved in it!

We recommend it for you to watch, no doubt about it. It is called “Burnt” 2015. If you have already watched it, I think you can watch it one more time. It’s a good idea, since a good movie is scarce nowadays.

I hope you would enjoy it along with enjoying our other posts as well. We like to hear your comments.

Until we talk again, stick around for more chat. With our love and hugs ❤

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