Tail or Egg ?

Plenty of new theories and info all around us. The brilliance is how to use it for the benefits of humans. Right?! Thank you for visiting our pages, and welcome any time especially friends from the US, New Zealand, India, Japan, Philippines, Germany, and Serbia 😉

A new theory is saying that we got it all wrong, that we did not come from water, we came from clay. Which one should we believe?Image result for Earth tail

But let’s first check on our planet Earth which is said to have a tail. It’s probably not news for some of us, but for you and me it is. The tail must be somewhat similar to those of comets and other heavenly bodies. Earth‘s tail is an egg-shaped zone of electrically charged particles positioned about 400,000 miles from us.

Physicist L. Frank of the University of Iowa says researchers  calculated the tail’s existence and position by examining Explorer I satellite photos of the northern and southern lights. These natural displays glow and flicker in the night sky of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Do we know if this is dangerous or not? Do we know what does it mean to have such a tail or an egg? The answer is tomorrow. 

Until we talk more about this very unique situation, we need more research. 

Hence, with our love and hugs everyone



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