Sight & Hearing Restoration!

Here’s something new and is truly worth mention for a certain group of people- may be in millions. First welcome our readers from everywhere; especially from the US, New Zealand, India, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Philippines 😉

A friend showed me a valuable article that talked about the blind and the deaf, and how finally there was a good chance for them to see and to hear. It said that:

Related image“Scientists may be able to restore nerve function in quadriplegics and make the blind see or the deaf hear. Thanks to advanced techniques, a single, small , implanted probe can stimulate individual neurons electrically or chemically and then record responses. Preliminary results suggest that the micro-probe telemetry systems can be permanently implanted and replace damaged or missing nerves.”

That was really a new hope for blind and deaf people all over the world, and when we surf the internet, we found a number of specialists who started doing those procedures, and the cost was reasonable for anyone to do such a critical operation.

There was a story about a child who lost her hearing at an early stage (3yrs old), and she went through that implants, and the results were successful. Would that be possible to older patients too? Read more.

As for restoring sight again for people who cannot see for any reason, we found amazing so promising results. All of them confirm the possibility now more than every to do that for people who lost their sight, or even those who were born with it. More info here.

Eye surgeons Sanduk Ruit and Geoffrey Tabin have restored eyesight to more than 150,000 patients in 24 countries.

Four million more have been helped by doctors they’ve trained. The doctors perfected small-incision cataract surgery, which takes just minutes and costs about $20. They founded the Himalayan Cataract Project, one of eight semifinalists for a $100M grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

The article, in addition to that, talked about recording the nervous system impulses, and that:

The microprobes have channels that open the way for delivery of drugs, cellular growth factors, and other neuroactive compounds to a single neuron or to groups of neurons.

We feel proud when we hear that humans are able to achieve such huge successes. This is how science should serve people.

Thank you for being here, and we will continue talking about previous continuation in a little bit. Just stick around and read our other inspiring posts, and until then, here’s our hugs and love

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