Innocuous Eyeglasses!

Ordinary people can surprise you with extraordinary actions! Welcome friends and readers from everywhere; including the US, New Zealand, Serbia, Germany, Denmark, & Mexico 😉

Wow! Would eyeglasses make all that difference? Yes, they do.  It is equally the same for a woman or a man. It adds new looks and it sometimes add some appealing elements to your face structure.

Let’s see some examples here:

Stanley was looking for eyeglasses that change his eyes‘ color. I never heard about that, but if theoretically speaking, if it was possible to invent some lenses and put it on the pupils of the eyes to change the color, it could be possible to have eye-glasses with certain color of glasses that would be reflected on the eyes causing them to appear as if they were in a color different from the original. What do you think?! 

Every face shape could go better with certain frames, so they say. But generally speaking and from experience, you’ve got to try your frame on, and to look at your face in the mirror. Sometimes, it is just the right one for you, but not for anyone else!

An endless variety of frames to choose from and some brands can exceed hundred thousands of dollars (Not easy to afford) but they have some diamonds, gold, or other precious metals in them, which justify their higher values.

But Stanley is still looking for that eyeglasses he heard about from a visitor to our school. I hope it exists or at least available here. 😆 The most important thing is to spot some eyeglasses that you like and that are not innocuous! 🙄

Until we talk again, stick around, take a peek here and there in our topics list, you’d be surprised and inspired to do more! Hugs & kisses


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