The Better You!

You can choose what you want to be! Our deep thanks to the US, India, Kenya, South Africa, and Italy 😉

Sometimes we do things, then when we are in a better mood, we think again about what we did!

For instance, when I get lazy by night, I neglect brushing my teeth and I know for a Sometimes-Sophie-Post.jpgfact that that would hurt my teeth and my gum, but I’m too lazy to leave my bed and get up again go to the bathroom, which is like few steps from my bed. The next morning I do brush my teeth, floss them, and gargle with gum teeth wash. It is not the same though. It should have been done before going to bed, not in the morning, after all these  hours of sleep, leaving the bacteria inside my mouth for at least six hours doing whatever they want to do.

Christina said: “Sometimes, I stop to pedestrians to cross the road but i wave my hand in a “hurry-up” signal expressing impatience to wait for them until they take their time in walking across the street, which is a sign of not enough care for people, after which I feel terrible with myself. In spite of the fact that the same situation happened to me while crossing some streets, but since I preach good conduct to others, I should practice more courtesy. When this kind of situations occurred I feel bad, and I start punishing myself.”

Jocelyn commented: “Sometimes, during day, I eat burger with onions n i forgot n approach people. Of course my mouth smell could be at that  point  incredibly unbearable, keeping in mind that I wash my mouth very vigorously after anything I eat. But I forget that the onions smell could let others feel uncomfortable, so I need to just pay more attention if I ever order that again. It is not intentional but still I’m hold accountable for my decisions, especially when the result is unacceptable smell.”

Colby started talking about his sometimes-situations saying:  “I get very anxious not hearing from my kids. All the terrible scenarios go inside my head. I imagine the most horrible accidents happening to them, and it keeps going to the worst, until my brains literally stops working and I become as if in comma. The only thing that would get me out of that dreadful situation is when my phone rings hearing the voice of my kids or getting a text from them. This is not only scares me to death, but it paralyze my thinking rationally, and I have no means in controlling it.”

If you think about it, you’d find yourself doing the same in similar situations like us. it is not only our teachers who feel this, it is everyone on Earth could get the same exact or even more episodes like these. In order not to blame yourself a lot and kill your brains by continuous thinking, take it easy. The world is not going to end for you. Keep yourself positive. This time you forgot to do the right thing, next time, you’ll do better.

In fact, researchers say if you are unhappy about your performance in life, it means that you’re a good person. Seeking self-improvement is a sign that you have a notorious dialogue with yourself, and you’re heading towards the better you!

There is plenty more to say, but we’ll chat more again soon. With our best wishes, hugs, and kisses

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