Sometimes Arduous!

Welcome our friends from everywhere; especially the US, Germany, Philippines, Australia, India, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico 😉  Remember to care for each other 😉

Sometimes, my dear 1Zumba friend, I miss talking to you, coz I have to run from one place to the other all the time, but we’ll sit together soon I hope. I wouldn’t say I promise, but our chances are high.

The word “Sometimes” always, or most of the time, brings to my memory, the song which starts with “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child”…how powerful that Image result for bessie griffinrhythm was for years, it has been there….I wonder if everyone who had listened to that song one day, was still carrying it in her/his mind’s shelves?

The lyrics for this song is too short, but nevertheless very moving. The melody is strong and blue. I do not want to hear it because I know I will feel sad, before listening to it, and the voice of Bessie Griffin carried that sorrow, misery, and gloom.

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
A long way from home, a long way from home
Sometimes I feel like I’m almost done
Sometimes I feel like I’m almost done
Sometimes I feel like I’m almost done
And a long, long way from home, a long way from home
True believer
True believer
A long, long way from home
A long, long way from home
I was thinking, how come that a person could carry with her/him all these kinds of Image result for memoriesmemories all the time, and how tiny triggers could open the door for one or more of them to play back in her mind.

How amazing this is?! Not only that, but it brings back the feelings that you experienced at that time, so if you were sad or happy, it would produce in your heart the same sensation, without any control on your part. It is just coming up automatically, and you, poor you, don’t have any clue how that happened to you, in the middle of a Image result for memoriesmeeting, a lecture, or a dinner.

The good part though is that you feel no burden carrying all these memories with you all the time; or may be it’s a burden, depending on the kind of memories you have. It sure varies from one person to the other.

Memories are just sitting there in the back of our minds, waiting for a chance to come out, and tell you that they are still there. They would probably never disappear, but they might be dislocated. 😛

May be when someone gets old, the memories fade away, but it is not less marvelous to exist with each one of us for so many years. Probably parts would no longer as clear as they were at that specific moment when they originally were produced or born, but they live and they have their own souls, and they talk to us, and we talk to them. 😆

Sometimes we regret the reminiscence, and other times, we feel proud that we acted like that during those Related imagemoments. Sometimes, we wish to erase them from our minds forever, but we couldn’t. Other times, we just embrace them and cherish them forever, even if they were hard and arduous.

What is also so fascinating about memories is that they can be pictures of places, faces, or buildings, right? Not only that, it can be words, prayers, or greetings. It can be Image result for define reminiscencemovies, songs, shows, or news. It is limitless. How super wonderful this is.

Should we thank the Creator for having all of this for free? For some, it’s may be, for others it’s yes, or no. What do you think?

Anyway, Soler, 1Zumba friend asked if she could join our group; but of course, you’re welcome to join our 1ZumbaCircles group, our sites, our other groups “Writers & Books”. We welcome any comments, questions, or suggestion. We like to communicate with you all the time.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us, or if you’ve got a friend you like to recommend for us for an interview, pls feel free to contact us any time. We’re here for you, day and night.

Enough chatting for today, let’s have a short break, then continue our interesting talk. Until then, here’s our kisses and hugs. ❤

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