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Sometimes, carrying a backpack is not good for the back of your kids. During the time of your children‘s growth, you need to pay attention to their posture and to ask them to raise their heads up when walking or sitting. Computers or laptop should be situated higher than the level of their desks in a way that would enable them to see the screen right across from their eyes’ level.SophieSometimes.jpg

Sometimes, you forget to ask your kids not to hang down their neck to their cell phone screen or their tablets. It is understandable that you, as a parent, have plenty of duties, but it is essential duty to watch carefully the way your kids’ bodies are shaped during growth, so they wouldn’t become adults with kyphosis.

Avéne USA

Sometimes girls are asked  not to protrude their breasts (especially if large) in order not to bring attention to any sexual abuse/harassment by predators. This creates a kind of embarrassment to girls at early adolescent time. Instead just help them selecting the appropriate clothing.

Sometimes you run out of solutions being overwhelmed or exhausted. Just take a break. Even if it was a short one, still it would help you.

Sometimes your grown-up kids want to take the decision of getting married while you see it clearly that it is the wrong match, but you don’t want to tell them being torn out between your passion to them, giving the right advice, or just welcome their immature relationship lest they would turn you into an enemy.

Sometimes, you can’t answer all your emails and your friends should know that but they don’t.

Sometimes, while prioritizing your matters, you forget about your family’s needs, which is really awful coz the guilt may eat you up.

Sometimes your admiration goes to the wrong image, being in a hurry, so you miss the right one.

Sometimes your refusal to participate in gossiping is not really appreciated by uncivilized folks, thinking that you live in a world of morals that no longer exists .

Sometimes, you are like Alice in Wonderland, the only difference is that Alice found her exit, but you are still looking for one!

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