Dream all what you want but unless you pursue a real one, it would be grueling to make it! 😉 
Our big thanks go to our friends from the US, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Germany, Algeria, Italy, Bangladesh, Latvia, Cambodia, Colombia, Switzerland, Poland, and India 😉

Becky had an appointment with a dream-interpreter, are you surprised for that? You shouldn’t be!

What are dreams?

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre.


You can say that dreams are a journey that goes inside your head to another place where you can meet people you know or you don’t know.

You can talk to others during having dreams or you can be watching and silent. You can see water or mountains. You can be in a plane or a submarine. You’ll experience something that will bring you happy or unhappy sensation. Dreams could be very short or long. You may remember them but it is not always the case.

Why do you dream?

There are plenty of given explanations for dreams. The best ones we could come to are:

Shop New Arrivals for Women at Buckle. To express some hidden desires.
. To heal some of your worries.
. To give yourself solutions for things you were thinking of but you didn’t reach to an answer for them.
. To work on new info that entered into your mind where they get processed.
. To organize your mind daily operations and develop new concepts.
. To give you a hint about something that you couldn’t see clearly when awake.
. To reflect a combination of knowledge and experiences you have, had, or will have.

Now we come to the important question: Is there a real interpretation for dreams?

Well, I think you’ll need to hear what Becky will say about that in our next edition. Until then, go through our topics, and get your dose of inspiration with our hugs and kisses

. Dreams why.


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