Some Do!

Welcome to our pages! It’s full of breeze all over the place here, in CA. Our friends from the US, India, south Korea, Germany, Australia, France, Sri Lanka, and the UAE, it’s great to have you all with us 😉

Here’s our production for the day:


We love you and we love what we do. Isn’t this what we all do? Not necessarily. Some of us do what they don’t like, but they feel they have to. 

Nobody is forcing you to do what you do. It is only you! You are the one who chooses to do what you do, and you are the only one who can stop what you do not like to do. Stop blaming others for things you do, although you dislike to do.

Share you experiences, comment on our articles, discuss any matter that you feel it is important to you. We are here to help each other, and to support each other.

With our love, hugs and kisses ❤



6 thoughts on “Some Do!

      1. The difficulty, I think, is that when you believe in being programmed to do things, it becomes very challenging to see it otherwise. When you grew up with certain perception of matters around you, it became part of you. You’re no longer capable of accepting any other notions, you’re automatically and subconsciously reverting to your default status(you have no choice) if you pretended otherwise. Thank you Miriam, I really enjoy your replies (y)

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