1Zumba Dream!

Our new friends from the US, Denmark, Australia, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, n Portugal; to you we give our special thanks today for starting joining our world. You will find it full of fun, entertainment, and wide range of new ideas and insights  😉

pn3Do you know when you keep postponing some study or some project an hour after an hour, giving excuses for yourself such as: “I’ll do it right after finishing my lunch, or I’ll do it right after answering this email?

This is exactly what has been happening to me the whole day, but the reason was that there were in fact too many things to do, more than what a day can carry.


Now about the romance I mentioned  yesterday, it was: a high school girl, a college student, a peninsula, a restaurant, water tanks, a beach, a hotel, a suite, n weird situation of the romance. It was an experience that consumed one day of my life.


Did I regret it? Is this what you are asking my 1Zumba friend? Where is your energy my 1Zumba friend?

Oh! Exhausted? I understand, but you’ve got to be tough to meet all these responsibilities. You chose it, so now back to answering your question: Well, regret is a waste of time, I think.

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Hmmm! That was in brief  my 1Zumba Romance or Dream  😉

* Feel free to ask for the details, it’s all available for all interested people 😉 Love you all guys  😉


2 thoughts on “1Zumba Dream!

    1. Thank you Peggy for your questions. You’re very smart as your questions sounded. The dream is everyone’s dream in life, during a certain period or a phase. The romance is when you think you’re having some good special feelings for someone specifically.
      Sometimes, because we’re overloaded, or having too many things to do more than what we can actually handle, we start coming up with excuses to ease up things for ourselves, not necessarily out of laziness, but rather our of the need to a break.
      Thank you again. I hope you’d enjoy being our follower forever 🙂 🙂

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