Thank you our friends from everywhere, and our new ones from the US, Indonesia, and Mexico  😉

Today it is so quite, I’m trying to figure out why this sense of  solitude, may be it is because of watching Jane Eyre.

Oh! Thanks for all your emails asking about more details about that short dream or romance for which I gave its main points yesterday.

Okay, let’s start from the very beginning. It happened during my last year of high school, many years ago. That guy Travolta’s-Saturday-Night-Fever type. All girls were crazy about him, so did I, but I was the shy one. They kept telling stories about how handsome he was, how fabulously wealthy, his unforgettable car, his golden key chain, etc.. Well, you can imagine, my 1Zumba friend, how many stories I heard.

Once day, during a school event, that guy “N” asked me out. I wasn’t dating anybody, but there was someone who was trying to get closer to me. I was flattered when that cocky boy asked me out, how dummy that was!

I couldn’t sleep the night of that date. I couldn’t have dinner. I just stayed up, in my room, the whole night, thinking about what I to wear the following day. I was super excited! I dressed all in white, it was summer time. On time, that handsome was there in his special vehicle, I came out greeted him, and got into the car, after he opened its door for me. I thought that was nice, he was a gentleman. I didn’t ask him where we were going, but he said that it was a very special peninsula, not far away from where we lived.

pn6We had an early dinner in one fancy restaurant overlooked the ocean from three of its sides. The funny thing about that restaurant was that you go to the panoramic water tanks, in different shapes, and you choose what you were to eat: a fish, an octopus, a prawn, or any other sea creature there.

It was my first time to have such experience; for sure that guy wanted to impress me, and he succeeded at that time. I chose some shrimps n they got it out of the water tank, using a net type tool. N was not as thrilled as I was.

pn2After dinner, N asked me if I would like a walk on the beach. It was perfect weather: sunny, warm, and a touch of breeze. We went in a walk, n we talked n talked, then all of a sudden he asked me if I wanted to see his suite, pointing at a distant hotel. He further added that he kept that suite, his family knew about it, that he sometimes spent the night with his friends there, and other times, he just stayed for few hours.

For some reason, it felt creepy. There was no obvious reason to feel frightened, but his voice reflected or indicated that , you know, a bad intention was there, for getting some intimate relationship, which I was not ready for, or willing to have at all, at that time. It was a total surprise for me  😮

My answer was that I needed to go back home, after he grabbed my arm to go towards that hotel. He let go of my arm when I shouted NO NO.

I turned my back to him n walked away. He screamed my name many times, but I couldn’t turn back or answer him. I was terrified by his anger, and being in an isolated place where I knew nobody. I wasn’t sure how he would react if I agreed to stay. I wasn’t willing to share his suite or his hotel, and I didn’t know what to do. I just continued walking on that beach, scared even to look back. My mind was having all kinds of fears:

  • Fears that N would not like me any more, n not ask me out again. But then I thought hell, why I would care to see that maniac again? My thoughts, then, turned towards the stories that he would tell my classmates.
  • Fears of bad gossips in my school, so I would be ashamed of what happened.
  • Fears that N might catch up with me n beat me up, or do any terrible thing like many stories about girls disappeared
  • Fears that I couldn’t reach my parents who gave me hundreds of warnings not to go with strangers; although he was not completely one, but at that point he was, coz the image I had in my mind about him was completely different from the real person I had  met.

My 1Zumba friend, that was why from that point on I became more cautious, and I no longer cared for the delusional stories school girls spread around. Thank God I called my mom who understood the whole situation and calmed me down patiently.

I thought that I did something wrong at that time, but I did not. It was a misfortune to see that wild side of a person that everyone around me in school praised and Idolized.

That is why it was a nightmare rather than a romance. I was never able to call it a 1Zumba romance 😉

Love you all, and yes I loved your emails. Keep writing to us, after checking on your new inspiration sources, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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