Never underestimate walking at brisk, it’s always rejuvenating! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, Australia, Brazil, Qatar, France, the UK, Japan, Latvia, and Russia

Slicing apples and stringing them up to dry by the fire, that’s an old way may be used decades ago, but people were having fun at that time, more than the fun you have right now.

How about having a fresh pat of butter and indulge yourself in a warm toast with some strawberry jam or may be honey? Oh! No! Not now, you’ve started your diet planning, we forgot  that. 

 Get Away to Celebrate Mother’s Day! Save up to C$9 off flight & hotels with promo code MOM9 Book Now!You’ve started your walking program. Great option! I remember the year before last year, we used to have a “Walk & Talk” project downtown Concord and in a few parks as well.

It discontinued due to the conflict in our schedules at that time. Instead, we were walking in Berkeley for longer distances, but it stopped again.

Nevertheless, walking is always a good idea. It has too many benefits for your body; especially, your heart. You would be responsible for reminding us from now on of walking.

Sometimes, you start things and then you forget about them, being busy with your other life matters; but, walking you should never forget it. It brings you a lot of fun, even if you have to walk by yourself, you’d see a flower that you’d love, or a bird that you’ve never seen before. Walking is full of surprises, just remember to avoid walking in isolated and remote areas where the chances of higher risk is involved.SophieWalk









Until we talk about more ways of having fun in your life, enjoy the one way guarantee the most: sticking to our topics, with our hugs and kisses

. Incredible Benefits.


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