To Students!

Wherever you are, wherever you go, you’d find us next to you! 😉 Hello and welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Vietnam, Ireland, Colombia, and Mexico 😉

You encounter too many situations and questions every day of your life. You need to be resilient. You better be moderate. Stay away from extremes. Focus on one line so your credit would compile faster and higher. Knowing a piece of several fields would be less rewarding than concentrating on one single area.

Other than that and for recreational purposes, you can invade other areas of life; nothing would limit your pursuits in attaining more knowledge.

One situation was told by this student:

“I’m a student at a court community college. I have bipolar. Our guards are most of the time are serious and boring and give me a hard time. I’m spending time just for being in the wrong place in the wrong time. I’m not criminal or bad person. I can’t stay in class for more than 15 minutes, c’z it feels more like a prison not a school. Some teachers are good to me, and I like them and I respect them but there are other guys who are so disruptive in the class and I cannot focus when they are in class with me.”

That was a description for an educational environment that is discouraging to skills or talents that could have existed in any of the students.

He continued to ask a question:

“The best thing we have in classes are books and internet. I can read anything I want, and I want to read a lot of books c’s i feel that I learn many things that i never knew that they exist. However, I still feel that our classes could be better than that if there was  regular  teachers instead of having different teachers all the time. Is there a way to know why we continuously get new teachers. After we get used to one teacher’s way of teaching, another one come over and start all over again with a new way of teaching.”

SophieStsAlthough we totally understand what you are talking about, but we would like you to know that each district, county, or school has its own policy in providing their own teachers, sub-teachers, administrators, or instruction assistants. 

You are not going to be there forever. It’s probably a few months period or may be less as you mentioned. Never think about issues that would just keep your mind Image result for how to fly using wingsbusy, swaying you away from attaining your goals. Focus on your ends. Learning and knowing more useful info is the key to your successful life. Study, learn, and excel!

Everything in life starts as a tiny idea that comes to you in a dream, a chatting with someone, a word that you read, a movie that you watch, an argument that you had with your parents, a stubborn challenge, or some whisper in your ears. Then you would start thinking, reacting, believing in this idea and try to make it work out. You would insist that it would succeed. You’ll try to make it come true. You trust your instincts. You’ve heard that whisper that told you “Do it”.

Until we talk again, click on our topics and energize your mind with knowledge that would inspire your brain with our hugs and kisses

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