Life’s Watching!

Updated 2/21/2018


Well-taken care of, are you?! Certainly, there must be someone who wants to talk to you. We do! Thank you for coming to our world; especially people from the US, Mexico, India, New Zealand, Philippines, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Taiwan 😉

You hear expressions all the time, don’t you? Some of them are Image result for NASAfamiliar to you, coz they are constantly repeated within your circle, while others could be new to you; particularly, when they come to you from outsiders (people who are not in your circles).

For example, if you visited NASA, you’d hear people there using certain jargon, some of which you’ve never heard before. Oh! It’s not only at NASA, it is at any other workplace: institution, store chain, small take-away place, or any entity that you’ve never been to before.

Another example, to make it more clear in your mind, is when you took a cruise for…

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